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Shouldn’t this be important to you?

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Extracts from Dr Murray Clarke’s article titled “All racks are not created equal – The need for quality racking in Australian warehouses”

Author: Dr Murray Clarke, Structural Engineering Manager, Dematic

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“..imported “brand-compatible” racking in the Australian marketplace.. In some instances, published frame load capacities have been proven to significantly overstate the true capacities”

“It is also essential that companies considering purchasing imported racking are mindful of their duty of care obligation. Should the equipment fail during use, the health and safety of your workers could be at risk, and the potential legal ramifications extremely serious.”

“The results of the calculations, indicate the equipment may be considerably under-designed for Australian applications. The degree of under design varies according to the configuration but it has been confirmed to be as high as 30 per cent. Such a rack would be in serious danger of collapse in the event of an accidental overload or damage caused by forklift impact, and therefore poses a significant occupational health and safety risk.”

“While the brand-compatible components may look the same as the originals, it is unlikely they will be made from the same materials or be manufactured to the same standards.”

“We have seen various conformance certificates issued by companies distributing imported rack from Asia which claim the racking conforms to Australian Standard AS4084-2012 Steel Storage Racking. The simple fact of the matter is that such certificates on their own are worthless.”

“Compliance with AS4084-2012 is not just about meeting certain product characteristics.”

“If you are considering purchasing imported racking, our advice would be to seek independent structural engineering certification to ensure it fulfils your duty of care obligation and protects you from the potential legal ramifications should the equipment fail during use, putting the lives of your workers at risk.”

Your guarantee of protection and compliance to 2012 changes in Australian standards legislation covering minimum workplace safety standards:

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