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Retrofit Rear Protector

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You can prevent rear post damage in your racks.

“The rear posts on our racks … were being destroyed.  The difficult repairs were an ongoing and frustrating cost until Elbowroom fitted these rear guardsGreat product that does the job!”
Mark from Martin Brower

Another HEAVY DUTY and quality rack protection product, designed to save $Hundreds in rack damage repair costs.

The Retrofit Rear Defender is purpose-designed to fit Australia’s major racks brands and models.

Our online Retrofit Rear Defender available here is supplied with hardware ready for you to fit yourself…

OR Call us for a free quote to supply and install for you.

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Technical Details

Made from heavy duty 4mm steel.

Form-designed to resist high level impact by pallets.

Bolts onto existing (retrofit) rear columns to avoid costly base-plate replacement.


  • 1x Retrofit Rear Defender
  • 2x M10 x 70mm Hex Bolts – High Grade
  • 2x M10 Shake-proof Nuts

Installation/Repair services available from CORRECT INSTALLS

Suitable for

Can be fitted to common Australian brands and others – Call us to check on your brand/model of rack before you buy 1800 810 331

  • Colby Selective Rack
  • Dexion Mk 6 (Keylock)
  • Dexion Mk 5
  • Counterfeit/Chinese Dexion
  • APC
  • Spacerack/Macrack and many others

Not Suitable for

Not suitable to some rack brands/models and sizes – Call us to check on your brand/model of rack before you buy 1800 810 331