Archive Storage Solutions

Archive Storage Solutions

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    Archive Storage Solutions

    Would you like to maximise storage space while minimising costs? Do it today with archive storage solutions from Elbowroom. We provide archive and warehouse storage solutions for offsite, onsite, boxed and open files and documents. As a trusted and approved supplier to National Archives of Australia, Queensland State Archives, and many private archival storage providers, Elbowroom is Australia’s leading expert in archive storage.

    A System for You

    We know you need a system you can count on to be practical and financially efficient over the years. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering a selection of quality archive storage solutions including:

    • High rise archive storage
    • Office archive box storage
    • Mobile archive storage
    • Open file archive storage.

    Whether you need high rise storage solutions that utilise narrow aisle pallet racking components, or open file systems for those documents that need to be easily accessible, we have the solution for you. With our expertise and wide range of available systems, we can help you make the most of your space.

    Compatible Accessories

    Get everything you need in one go with our comprehensive range of products for document storage. Aside from our shelving systems, we also offer security crates in various sizes. These crates have internal hanging rails for files and lockable lids. They are also stackable when closed, making them perfect for the transportation and long-term storage of important documents.

    At Elbowroom, we specialise in warehouse shelving and storage solutions suitable for holding archive boxes. You can count on us to take care of you from start to finish and we always complete our projects to the agreed time frame. We also provide ongoing services for maintenance and repairs after the original job is completed.

    Whether you require high-frequency or low-frequency access, there is an archive storage system that suits your needs and budget. Call us now on 1800 810 331 and we will help you find it.

    Adaptable Archive Storage Solutions

    Here at Elbowroom, we want to help you invest wisely in archive storage solutions that will remain intact and practical for decades to come, which is why we create solutions with your changing needs in mind. We understand that you might not always be able to predict your storage requirements. Discuss your needs with us, and we’ll let you know how we can construct racking solutions for archive storage boxes that you’ll always find easy to manage.

    Our consultants are here to guide you through the different options and accessories available. Because we’re a highly experienced manufacturer of warehouse storage solutions, we can offer expert recommendations based on your needs.

    Super Durable Archival Storage Solutions

    We design all our archival storage solutions with longevity and safety in mind. Using only the finest materials, we craft solutions that can withstand any warehouse environment. All our document storage systems comply with the highest industry standards. That’s why we serve countless businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

    Whether you need a small shelving system for the odd document box or two or a high-rise system that can accommodate thousands of archival storage boxes, we’ve got you covered. And all our Australian-made solutions guarantee to help you improve workplace efficiency, safety and practicality.

    Learn More About Our Archival Storage Solutions

    Want to learn more about our range of document storage box shelving solutions? Wondering how we’d go about designing and constructing a high-rise system that guarantees to be a perfect fit for your warehouse? Fancy finding out how we set the standard for our industry? Call us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. We can also provide advice, recommendations and quotes for solutions ranging from an individual document rack to a bespoke storage system.