Display Bins - Visi-Pak

Display Bins - Visi-Pak

Modular Storage – Visi-Pak┬áBins

The ultimate in modular storage, Visi-Pak bins are commonly used for medical supplies, store merchandising, electronics, component suppliers, crafts, office supplies and home storage and are the perfect solution for high visibility, dust free storage of components and parts.

The bins are fully modular and can stack vertically, or slot together horizontally. All Visi-Pak storage bins are supplied with special clips which enable them to fit onto a louvre panel. Alternatively, they can be screwed onto a wall or left free standing on a bench top.

The clear removable compartments keep contents clean and allow easy visual stock control.

Built to last, Visi-Pak is made to exacting standards from G.P., H.I. Styrene. Small, medium and large bins are available and when used in combination, can compress a vast variety of stock keeping units (SKUs) into a small workspace.

For all enquiries regarding our range of fully modular storage, Visi-Pak storage bins, contact the friendly team at Elbowroom today.

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