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Pallet Racking Installation & Design

Learn More About Our Expert Pallet Racking Installation Services

The team at Elbowroom have the skills and expertise to help you solve your storage system problems. We offer comprehensive pallet rack installation and design services. Find out more information on our process. 

We Offer Comprehensive Pallet Racking Design and Installation Services 

Elbowroom has an extensive selection of pallet storage solutions available. Our staff will review your warehouse and your organisation’s specific requirements. We’ll use that information to design and install a system that fits your needs. 

How to Find Qualified Pallet Racking Installers in Australia

Who are you going to call when it comes to professional pallet racking installation, relocating or servicing your racking system? The outcome if you call the wrong rack installer (often the cheapest), is highly likely to be the wrong outcome. Why not run a few prudent checks before you allow installation work to occur under your watch?

Here are some important things to check when selecting an installer:

  • QBCC Licensed? This is a legislated requirement before installing Pallet Racking in Queensland;
  • Adequate Public Liability Insurance cover? Your property, your landlord’s property, your neighbour’s property and all persons who may come in contact with installers are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.
  • Contract Works Insurance? Our tools, our plant, our equipment is all covered by our own Contract Works Insurance while it is on your site. Without this insurance, you could be responsible for covering any loss of your selected installer’s equipment.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance? When dealing with Elbowroom, you are comprehensively covered by our extensive knowledge base and expertise when offering our advice. You are additionally covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Elbowroom maintains extensive and current Workers Compensation and Superannuation coverage on all employees. In some cases the “Principal” (that’s you) can be held responsible for non-payment of entitlements to contractors’ employees.

Once you have covered off on the above ESSENTIALS, perhaps you should consider… What are the outcomes you are looking for? Elbowroom’s pallet racking installation team is without doubt the largest and most reliable racking installation team in Australia. Dedicated in-house, yet independent, HR, OH&S and Operations managers ensure the people we place on your site…

  • are trained and competent to perform the task assigned them;
  • operate only tested and tagged equipment and tools;
  • are appropriately Licensed, Accredited and Ticketed on the equipment they operate;
  • function their tasks using Safe Work Method Statements;
  • assemble and fabricate to manufacturer’s tolerances or highest industry standard, whichever the more rigorous;
  • will seek advice or assistance if required from trusted engineers, senior staff and experts should they be in doubt;
  • will conduct themselves in the safest, most informative and most professional manner at all times.

Elbowroom covers you in every respect whilst engaged by you. We guarantee.. You actually can trust us!

All warehouse and workplace installations of Racking, Shelving, Compactus and Storage Systems. All brands, including Colby; Brownbuilt; Dexion; Schaefer; APC; Stow; Acrow; Spacerack; Macrack and many others.

Take a look at Elbowroom’s full capability statement here: Elbowroom Capability Statement

For more information on pallet racking installation and to view exciting new career opportunities visit our sister company’s website at

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install Pallet Racks Myself?

It can be challenging to try and install pallet racking yourself. There are many hazards and risks you might encounter during the installation process. Some of these include not having the proper tools to complete the job. That’s why it’s important to partner with an experienced pallet rack installation company like Elbowroom. Our team has the tools and knowledge needed to efficiently and safely complete your project.

Why Should I Hire Elbowroom?

Since 1973, Elbowroom has been working with customers across Australia and beyond. We’ve been creating and installing efficient and safe storage solutions since our inception. These solutions are targeted at the unique budget and needs of our customers, ensuring their organisation is elevated.

Is the Consultation Free?

Yes, we are proud to offer our customers a free consultation. We will use that time to learn more about your business and its pain points. Our goal is to create a system that streamlines your processes and makes your life easier.

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