Wire Rack Storage Cages

Looking for a practical storage solution?

Folding wire rack storage cages are collapsible, stackable, packable and rackable. Big on features, Elbowroom’s folding wire cages are designed for maximum versatility.

You will find these cages are a handy storage option to have around the warehouse or workplace – they are suitable for a range of applications including holding groceries and packaged food products, loose products and unusually shaped items.

That means if you have products that might roll or fall off ordinary pallets, or simply not be efficient to store in other ways, these wire rack cages are for you.

They offer safe and secure transport around the workplace for these goods, as well as being forklift friendly and compatible with pallet racking storage systems.

Don’t need them 24/7? These cages are collapsible, so you can simply fold them down and tuck them out of the way until they are needed again.

And you can forget about taking up large amounts of floor space when in use – you can stack them up to four high. They really are designed to be versatile!

Are you interested in our folding wire rack storage cages for your storage area? Browse online or contact our friendly team today on 1800 810 331 for more information. Delivery to Brisbane areas and Australia Wide.

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