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Warehouse Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Pedestrian Barriers

Modern warehouses are designed to eliminate any risk of injury in the workplace.  There are many products available to ensure warehouse operations remain efficient while pedestrians are kept safe.  For example, here is a condensed list of methods sometimes used to ensure that pedestrian safety is maintained.

  • Back of rack meshing and product fall protection;
  • Isolation fencing and cages, including Dangerous Goods, Aerosol Cages, etc.;
  • Heavy duty fork truck guard railing;
  • Egress planning;
  • Pedestrian separation systems.
  • Warehouse safety barriers

Contact an expert NOW to design your warehouse pedestrian barriers & pedestrian-safe warehouse layout.

All rack guards and guide products supplied by Elbowroom are designed:

  • to purpose, taking into account the level of site risk, activity and equipment used;
  • to meet or exceed Australian and International standards (where standards can be applicable);
  • to industry’s highest standard.

Wherever practicable, products which have been designed to remain integral to the rack structure are recommended to offer highest protection levels and to minimise property damage (e.g. Concrete floor surface).

All warehouses, factories, manufacturing, archive, third party storage facilities where rack is installed or humans and machinery are passing among and next to the storage structures.


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