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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving – Archive Storage

Elbowroom’s StorTite® mobile shelving storage systems offer the ultimate outcomes in selective dense storage. The StorTite® range includes Hand Operated (HO); Mechanically Assisted (MA); and Electrically Operated (EO). Also consider StorTite® for increased security, automation and OH&S compliance.

Mobile Shelving Archive storage solutions for Offsite, Onsite, Boxed and Open files and documents are our speciality. Trusted and approved supplier to National Archives of Australia; Queensland State Archives; and many private archival storage providers, Elbowroom is Australia’s expert in maximising storage capacity while minimising cost. Whether you require high frequency or low frequency access, there is a system that best suits your needs and your budget. Call us now and we will help you find it. Or check out the StorTite® website.


The StorTite® safety system is designed to meet the following standards:

  • Australian Standard 4024.1-2006  –  Safeguarding of Machinery;
  • Australian Standard 1755-2000  –  Conveyor Safety Requirements;
  • Australian Standard 3000-2007  –  Electrical Wiring Code;
  • Australian Standard 60204-1  –  Safety of Machinery, Electrical Equipment of Machines.


The StorTite® EO system provides customer with visual and instant feedback via LED’s…

  • system is ready;
  • system Aisle Guard is activated;
  • system is in emergency stop;
  • mobile failed to reach sensor due to blockage;
  • mobile is locked
  • Dense storage requirements where medium to high selectivity is desired
  • Low activity with few operators
  • Minimum to High security requirements
  • Document access and monitoring by Wireless, Bluetooth and RF systems
  • High cost real estate applications (CBD)

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