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Structural Column Protection


It is designed to ‘TAKE THAT’

Introducing an addition to Elbowroom’s Safety and Protection Solutions range. While Elbowroom’s safety and rack protection products have historically saved $1,000s for many of our customers, some customers have suffered losses from forklift and other vehicle collision damage to building columns.  Repairing damage to structural building columns can be a very expensive exercise.  And it is a surprisingly common event. We are often asked if we can help with damage preventative measures and have trialled many solutions to reduce building column damage.  There is not one answer to all situations.  But there is one stand-out for most.  Introducing the Protect-It™ Maxi.

It truly is designed to ‘TAKE THAT’ – and it does!

  • Expandable, fits an infinite combination of sizes, shapes.
  • Square, Round, Rectangular, “H” & “I” Posts
  • Fully Tested – FEA and “real world”
  • Provides even impact absorption all directions.
  • Compact – minimal intrusion into warehouse space
  • Impact resistant in cold stores to -40 degrees
  • Simple installation – instructions in box
  • Low repair cost – replace only damaged components
  • Made from ultra-high impact absorbing polymers

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Impact Tests: No column damage to 8″ (200UC_59) column after 2.7t forklift impact at 6km per hour

Supplied as KIT: (1x Box) 8.5kg.

Box size: 520mm H x 300mm W x 220mm D Each KIT (box) contains 20 segments and 8 connection pins

  • Building columns near pallet rack and forklift operation.
  • Building columns in vehicle traffic areas
  • Square, Round, Rectangular, “H” & “I” structural columns


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