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Storage Shelving-ERET

Eret storage shelving for hand loaded storage

ERET – ELBOWROOM Rolled Edge Type storage shelving is by far the most commonly used type of manually hand loaded/unloaded shelving in Australia. Also referred as Binning; RUT and RET, this type of shelving is all steel construction and comprises either a fully cladded carcass (like a cupboard without doors) or cladded sides with open cross-braced rear or spine.  Intermediate shelves are fully adjustable at 25mm increments and there is a variety of sizes and accessories available.

ERET is also the most commonly used shelving for mobile shelving installations – StorTite® and Compactus.

Easily partitioned and ideal for small parts storage using parts trays.

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ERET is designed to meet the following standards.

Australian Standard 2143-1978     Industrial and Commercial Steel Shelving

  • Archive Storage
  • On-Shelf Filing
  • Lateral or Hanging Filing
  • Suspension filing
  • Stationery Products
  • Small Parts
  • Apparel
  • Banks
  • Plumbing parts

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