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Narrow Aisle Racking

Optimise Your Warehouse Storage With Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow aisle pallet racking is an ideal solution where footprint has to be maximised and pallet selection is a high priority. If your business model means you need high-density storage with low retrieval frequency, this variation of the trusted Colby pallet racking may be the perfect system for you.

These conventional selective racks are configured with narrower aisles that can be used with special narrow aisle fork trucks designed for use in areas with less space. While these trucks are often more expensive, when correctly applied they can result in major savings on building footprint costs.

Due to the high importance placed on operating tolerances between narrow aisle racks and the equipment used, narrow aisle pallet racking must only be designed and installed by highly qualified experts, like the team here at Elbowroom.

If you want to find out more about narrow aisle pallet racking, call us on 1800 810 331 or contact us online today.

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High density storage with narrow aisle pallet racking

In ideal circumstances, every warehouse would be large enough to allow maximum pallet selection with multiple vehicles working an aisle at any given time. In reality, a sudden increase in stock options or the need to downsize can leave you requiring maximum density pallet racking; that’s where a very narrow aisle racking system can be very useful.

Advantages of a narrow aisle pallet racking system

Narrow aisle pallet racking is a high density variation of the selective pallet racking. It is a first-in, last-out system that is suitable for non-perishable goods with several advantages:

  • Unobstructed access to any pallet at any time — This makes it perfectly suited for warehouses that stock a large number of products in small quantities.
  • Extremely high density storage — Offering up to 69% more storage than other selective pallet rack options.
  • Simple to install and maintain — Narrow aisle racking is easy to install and maintain and is also a cheaper system than pushback or flow pallet racking.

As a narrow aisle pallet racking system has low operating tolerance between the racks and the equipment used it must be installed by qualified experts like Elbowroom.

Before you commit to a narrow aisle racking system in your warehouse

One important consideration for businesses interested in narrow aisle pallet racking is the choice of forklift. In a narrow aisle system a conventional counterbalance fork truck will not fit, and instead you will need a reach truck designed for smaller areas. To learn more about whether a narrow aisle pallet rack is best for your business, get in touch with Elbowroom today.

System designed to Genuine Australian Standards and FEM compliance

  • Galvanised Uprights & Bracing
  • Orange Powdercoated Beams
  • Non-standard forklifts required
  • Rack Up to 30m high
  • Palletised Cartons of various products
  • Longspan style archive storage
  • High density storage low retrieval frequency
  • Long extrusions (consider cantilever)
  • Fast moving stock or rotation stock
  • Standard forklifts

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