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Industrial & Commercial Shelving

With many years of experience delivering a range of commercial and industrial shelving systems, Elbowroom is the premier designer, installer and distributor of smart, safe, and strong heavy duty warehouse shelving in Brisbane and across Australia.
We can also help with pallet racking installation and racking inspections. Contact us for warehouse shelving solutions, and get started today!
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Warehouses are great places to store items, but they can be difficult to keep organised. That’s why we offer warehouse storage shelves that make it easy to keep things tidy and accessible. These shelves are designed for warehouses, offices, back of store, factories and large-scale storage facilities. We can provide exactly what you need for your space.

Our heavy duty warehouse shelving is made from high-quality materials that will last for years. They come in different sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. Whether you need a longspan shelf or want something shorter for quick access, we have what you need at an affordable price!

Choose the Right shelving solution for You

Elbowroom is committed to continually improving your company’s storage facilities with innovative, tried-and-tested shelving solutions. Our shelving solutions will be designed to fit your needs. Below are the warehouse shelving solutions we can offer:

Carton Cage

Carton Cage

The Elbowroom carton cage is the ideal containment product for your pre-used boxes.
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Cool Room Shelving

Cool Room Shelving

Our REA cool room shelving racks are manufactured with high-impact, high-quality plastic.
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Office Archive Box Storage

Longspan Shelving

We carry a comprehensive selection of high-quality, Australian-made Longspan shelving. Designed and built to engineer’s specifications, our Longspan shelving provides a durable, safe, secure and highly flexible storage solution for warehouses of all sizes.
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Slotted Angle Shelving

Slotted Angle Shelving

For the ultimate DIY’er, Slotted Angle can be used to create almost any structure. Elbowroom stocks a range of lengths, in new and often used condition for replacement and add on sections. Slotted Angle really is just the answer to your very special storage or construction needs.
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ELBOWROOM Rolled Edge Type storage shelving

Storage Shelving- ERET

ERET – ELBOWROOM Rolled Edge Type storage shelving is the most commonly used type of manually hand loaded/unloaded shelving in Australia.
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Warehouse Shelving Solutions in Brisbane

Elbowroom offers Australian-owned and manufactured industrial shelving solutions for warehouses, distribution centres, sorting facilities and manufacturing facilities — all of which can be dynamically modified with various components to accommodate the changing needs of your business. Increasing your commercial storage capacity and operational efficiency is made easier by our flexible industrial shelving and heavy-duty metal shelving systems throughout Brisbane and across Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Industrial Shelving

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our industrial shelving units and services:

At Elbowroom, we’re pleased to offer various storage shelving in Brisbane and across Australia to help organise your warehouse. These include: Carton Cage warehouse shelving — If your business recycles cardboard cartons, but they’re piling up and making a mess, invest in Elbowroom’s Carton Cage — the ideal solution to contain your used boxes. Choose from large, medium and small sizes, or custom-make your size to suit your needs. Cool room shelving — Our REA cool room shelving is made from the highest quality, high-impact plastic and is suitable for use with food since it is easy to clean and does not corrode. Slotted angle shelving — If you consider yourself a DIY enthusiast, we have just the thing for you. Our slotted angle shelving can create almost any structure you like. We stock new and used slotted angle shelving for replacement or add-on sections. Longspan shelving — Our Australian-made Longspan shelving is built to the exact specifications to provide safe and durable storage shelving in Brisbane and Australia-wide. Elbowroom Rolled Edge Type (ERET) warehouse shelving — If you require manually hand loaded/unloaded warehouse shelving in Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, our ERET storage shelving is undoubtedly the most popular. Used for mobile shelving installations such as small parts storage, Elbowroom’s Rolled Edge Type storage is made of steel and with fully adjustable intermediate shelves.

Safety and stability are our top priorities. Our industrial shelving is designed to meet or exceed the latest regulations and safety standards. Our experienced installers evaluate each application and specify components to ensure the shelving unit has adequate structural integrity and capacity for the intended load, with a built-in safety factor.

We use quality materials, interlocking designs, and optional features like diagonal deck supports to increase strength and rigidity. Tall shelving comes with sway braces and baseplates to prevent tipping. Weight capacity labels are provided. We can also supply end row protectors, post protectors and railings.

Proper installation, according to our guidelines, is essential for safety. Our professional installers are highly experienced at installing all kinds of warehouse shelving. We also check for quality and safety once an installation is complete.

With proper care, industrial shelving systems can be extremely long-lasting. It's not unusual for our shelving to have a lifespan of 20+ years in a warehouse or industrial environment.

To maximise the longevity of your shelving: Choose components rated for your loads and applications Perform regular visual inspections to check for damage Report any impact marks or bent structural members Re-tighten loose connections immediately Limit corrosion by keeping shelving clean and dry Refresh the paint finish on steel elements as needed With regular maintenance and when used within rated capacities, high-quality shelving systems are designed to provide decades of reliable service.

Modifying, expanding or updating your shelving configuration is often faster, more affordable and less wasteful than installing brand-new systems. Our installers are highly skilled at reconfiguring storage to meet your changing needs. We can also refurbish, repaint or upgrade your existing industrial shelves if needed.

Our team has extensive experience dismantling, relocating and reconfiguring industrial shelving. We can remove shelving from your current facility, transport it to the new location, and reinstall it according to a new floor plan. If the shelving is from another manufacturer, we will evaluate it first to ensure we can safely move it.

We certainly do. Installing industrial shelving correctly is critical for safety and functionality. Our full-service offerings include: Turn-Key Installation We handle the entire shelving installation project from start to finish. Assembly Assistance Our crews assemble the shelving at your facility, so you don't have to. Relocation Services We can dismantle, move and reinstall shelving from one site to another.

Yes, our experienced, factory-trained installers follow approved methods and high safety standards to get your shelving system up safely and productively. We never cut corners.

More Questions?

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