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Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage

Condense your pick face and automatically rotate the stock.

CLS, otherwise known as Carton Live Storage facilitates stock rotation through a live roller. This improves picking productivity and can significantly condense your pickface. This reduces the need for order pickers to walk up and down aisles to fulfill an order and thus helps to save time as well as space. Carton Live Storage is popular in many distribution centres where any picking efficiencies can dramatically improve output.

Generally the cartons are loaded from the rear onto inclined tracks of roller wheels. After a carton is removed from the pick-face a new carton (waiting immediately behind) rolls into place. This provides automatic stock rotation and ensures stock is always available at the pickface.

Frequently utilised for storing, picking and packing fast moving products, CLS can be combined with conveyors to provide a very efficient materials handling system.

Carton Live Storage is often utilised in pick modules which are integrated into multi-tier flooring structures. A combination of light duty pallet racking components can be used to provide bulk storage over the top of the pick face which makes rear loading quicker and visual stock reconciliation more accurate.

  • Order picking modules
  • Stock Picking
  • First-In-First-Out (FIFO) applications or requirements

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