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High Rise Archive Storage

High Rise Shelving

High Rise Shelving, also known as Archive Racking, utilises Narrow and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Pallet Racking components and is generally serviced by Stock Pickers. These units operate in aisles not much wider than the load itself. Although capital costs are greater, there are usually significant savings in land and building costs.

Theoretically the pallet racking components are constructed as long span shelving with special document-friendly mesh decking to provide an excellent storage solution for Archive box storage. This system provides the best combination of space usage & unrestricted access to stock. The construction of high rise archive racking is ideal for lower throughput stock with capability for bulk capacity. The minimised aisle widths increases net area utilisation within the building.

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  • System designed to Genuine Australian Standards and FEM compliance
  • Galvanised Uprights & Bracing
  • Orange Powdercoated Beams
  • Constructed from pallet racking components
  • Decking options including MantaMESH® document storage mesh decking
    Optionally hybrid design for inclusion of Open-File archive storage
  • High density archive facilities: Dedicated warehouse for third party storage of predominantly standard archive boxes. Security Bays may be installed into selected slots to satisfy auditing requirements.
  • Institution records: universities and other tertiary institutions have requirements to keep records for long durations.
  • Private Practice: Larger firms operating with paper based archives utilise basements and dedicated facilities to keep record management fees under control.
  • Hospitals: Paper based archives and patient records are kept offsite in dedicated facilities.

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