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ELBOWROOM rates STORGANIZER as the best RETURN-ON-INVESTMENT (ROI) storage product for small to medium business in 2019, challenging..

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STOREganizer consists of vertical shelving columns suspended from overhead tracks.

Shelving columns are made from industrial textiles and slide aside to enable easy access to more shelving columns behind them.  The tracks are attached to racking beams, allowing a bay of racking to quickly become transformed into a high density array of pick locations.

Shelving columns hold up to 100kg each

Operating temperature from -35c to 90c

Shelves are 6mm

Storage above:  STOREganizer can make use of existing rack beams, or dedicated beams can be added.  When using existing load beams, the load capacity of racking beam above will be reduced by the STOREganizer load requirement.

  • 3PL Applications
  • Small Parts Storage
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Library applications
  • Back of Office
  • Back of Retail Store
  • Online Start-Up
  • Unsealed food products

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