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Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS or AS/RS) is a method of high-density storage involving computer-controlled runner carts and stock-sensing systems.

ASRS is typically used in applications where there are high volumes moved at high speed and density is critical due to space constraints or climate control. This means it is suitable for cold storage of palletised goods.

Typically, rack elements are used to construct systems that can span over 30 metres in height and 50 or more metres in depth.

ASRS systems are efficient – they offer increased productivity and accuracy. Stock is delivered to the pickup area and moved electronically both vertically and horizontally into the designated position within the rack. This means less handling is required, freeing up labour within your operation.

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Designed and engineered to industry’s world best standards.

  • Palletised product – mixed SKUs
  • Various products utilising common totes
  • Longspan and Carton Live Integration
  • Cold Storage of Palletised Foods
  • Palletised Bulk Liquids – various SKUs (Beer, etc.)
  • Long extrusions (consider cantilever)
  • High density of like products – same SKUs (consider double deep, drive-in, push back or satellite racking)
  • Low height applications
  • Inexpensive real estate

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