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Warehouse & Business Relocation

RELOCATING all or part of your business?

Elbowroom offers comprehensive business relocation services that start with a consultation to fully understand your needs — including everything from creating a draft plan to a complete warehouse relocation with the optional dismantling and reinstallation of all of your storage equipment.

You will benefit significantly from choosing us during the preliminary stages of your business relocation planning process. We work with many removalists and project managers involved in relocating businesses and are trusted by them to look after you in your move. Here are all the options for you to consider:

Option 1:

PLANNING with you, we will include:

  • An initial consultation involving the collecting of information about your operation, your at-risk concerns, your program and, most importantly, your desired outcomes;
  • Our preparation of a draft business relocation plan covering the aspects of our initial consultation, our delivery on your desired outcomes, and a logistic plan to suit your program – for your feedback;
  • Our final proposed plan – for your approval.

Option 2:

LAYOUT DESIGN of your new premises will be your priority in achieving the most efficient future outcomes. Working with you, together we will:

  • Investigate every practical element about your business activities involving the storage and movement of products in your facility;
  • Discover ways you can reduce waste, improve your productivity and ensure your future plans and efficiencies are optimised through intelligent layout planning;
  • Present our draft layout drawings to all stakeholders nominated by you for their comments and feedback;
  • Ensure all racks, shelving, compactus and other storage equipment proposed in our layout proposal are conforming to applicable Australian Standards and are suitably engineered to the agreed applications;
  • Complete and agree on a final layout.

Our warehouse relocation services are so efficient because we take even the smallest details about your company into consideration before the move. This includes the types of forklifts or heavy machinery you use, how fast you need to move stock around, and general ergonomic design concepts — so you can trust that we are providing the most optimal storage solution possible.

Option 3:

SYSTEM AND EQUIPMENT are often considered in terms of what will be needed and what will be redundant at the new location. New equipment may be required, whereas redundant equipment may have value if it can be recycled. Relative to your planned storage system and equipment and where needed, you can rely on our team to provide you with:

  • Our proprietary Australian brand and Australian Standard conforming new storage system products, which will be supplied and installed on time to ensure a smooth operational transfer of your products;
  • Our proprietary brand quality recycled and Australian Standard conforming racking, shelving and Compactus products, where available;
  • Competitive pricing on supply of both new and/or used equipment;
  • Competitive offer on the purchase and removal of your redundant Australian Standard conforming storage system equipment.

Warehouse storage systems and equipment are the core of our business. Because of this, our warehouse relocation services are underpinned by the knowledge and experience that we have gained through decades of installing and inspecting/auditing warehouse storage systems.

Option 4:

RELOCATION of your storage equipment will go smoothly if you are working with the experts. We will ensure:

  • Your existing location/s and your intended location/s are scoped to understand and document the general access issues, the people we will be working with and any obvious safety hazards;
  • Our arrival and commencement on site will occur at the agreed and scheduled time;
  • The dismantling, relocation and re-installation of your storage equipment by us will be carried out only in a safe and efficient manner;
  • The re-installation of your storage equipment by us will be in accordance with the manufacturer’s prescribed and modern method, or where the origin of the equipment is unknown, it will be re-installed in accordance with our industry’s highest standards and methods;
  • You are advised in advance of our optional services, which may be applicable in relation to all aspects of your relocation;
  • Your satisfaction.

Elbowroom is one of the best warehouse relocation companies in the country because we are always committed to safety. If we notice anything that could affect the safety of your shelving or warehouse business activities, we will bring it to your attention immediately before any significant action can be taken.

Option 5:

WAREHOUSE END-OF-LEASE CLEAN UP is often a requirement at end of lease periods. Our warehouse end-of-lease clean up package can include all or some of the following undertakings:

  • Masonry anchors removed, with remaining holes plugged/grouted;
  • Minor floor damage repaired;
  • Floors acid-washed and re-sealed;
  • Non-building structures and add-ons removed;
  • Walls and floors repainted.

End-of-lease cleaning is time-consuming work that often requires numerous small patch-ups. Rather than doing it yourself and ending up with unused materials and equipment, leave it to a warehouse relocation company that already has everything needed to fix up the site. We will leave your used space looking brand new in no time!

Easy, safe, and comprehensive warehouse relocation services

Elbowroom stands out among other warehouse relocation companies for our attention to detail and commitment to giving you an optimal storage solution. Where other companies simply disassemble and then reassemble your shelving, Elbowroom takes the time to understand your business and ensure that when everything is assembled in the new location, the flow and system of your space will be better than it was before the move. For hassle-free business relocation services for companies located in Brisbane and throughout Australia, contact the team at Elbowroom.

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