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Guards and Guides

Rack Guards & Guides

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Purposefully and intelligently designed Rack Guards and Guides will protect your operators, protect your stored product and extend the life of your rack structures. Elbowroom’s designed and approved range of protection products are manufactured and fitted to the industry’s highest standards and offer maximum levels of protection. Included in our Rack Guard range is Colby’s famed Protect-a-RACK® family.  Rack guards that are renowned for their robustness, the Protect-a-Rack® range is also recognized as the protection system which is integral to the rack structure.  This feature alone all but eliminates the often-seen concrete damage caused by fork truck impact with inferior products. Elbowroom recommends Floor Guides or Wire Guidance when narrow aisle racks and equipment are in use.  Elbowroom’s own Dowel-Guide® is an intelligently designed dowel-jointed floor guide system that eliminates the need for hot-work (cutting or welding) to be carried out on site.  Often is the case with inferior designs where hot work is performed during original installation or repairs, adding greatly to the risk of fire on your premises. For professional advice concerning Rack Guards & Guides, talk with one of our consultants now on how best to protect your people, your rack investment and your property.

All rack guards and guide products supplied by Elbowroom are designed:

  • to purpose, taking into account the level of site risk, activity and equipment used;
  • to meet or exceed Australian and International standards (where standards can be applicable);
  • to industry’s highest standard.

Wherever practicable, products which have been designed to remain integral to the rack structure are recommended to offer highest protection levels and to minimise property damage (e.g. Concrete floor surface).

All warehouses, factories, manufacturing, archive, third party storage facilities where rack is installed or humans and machinery are passing among and next to the storage structures.


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