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Pallet Racking Repairs & Maintenance

Professional Pallet Racking Repairs

Ignore Your Awareness At Your Peril. Damaged racks should never be left unattended.  Most major collapses are caused by what might seem as minor rack damage, being left unattended.

Elbowroom provides low cost pallet racking repairs and maintenance programs, as well as a fast call-out service to ensure your racking systems are in good repair and risk free.

If it is broke – WE CAN FIX IT! Call our service team at Correct Installs now!

Elbowroom is fully licensed and equipped to perform scheduled maintenance and pallet racking repairs anywhere within Australia, New Zealand and Egypt. Whether you’re a business, factory, warehouse, office, school, mine site, manufacturer or distributor, the downtime associated with neglected storage systems is well worth consideration. To ensure peak performance of your storage systems, we encourage scheduled maintenance of all dynamic systems (conveyors, pallet and carton live storage and all mobile shelving) and thoroughly encourage 6-monthly inspections of your static systems such as pallet racking and longspan shelving.

All warehouse and workplace installations of Racking, Shelving, Compactus and Storage Systems.

All brands including Colby; Brownbuilt; Dexion; Schaefer; APC; Stow; Acrow; Spacerack; Macrack

Elbowroom is QBCC licensed and has qualified pallet rack installers and fitters Australia wide.  All installation, relocation, service and repair works carried out by Elbowroom, meet the requirements of Workplace Health & Safety and the Australian Standard for steel storage racking.

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Take a look at Elbowroom’s full capability statement here: Capability Statement

For professional pallet racking repairs at affordable prices, contact the friendly team at Elbowroom today.

Pallet rack damage, no matter how insignificant it seems at first, can become a huge problem. All rack damage needs to be inspected, monitored, and repaired as soon as possible to avoid any major collapses. Many companies lose a good deal of their merchandise to what started as minor rack damage. That’s why Elbowroom provides pallet racking repair and maintenance services that will help you save you time and money down the line. We work to the Industry standard AS4084-2012 to ensure that all rack repairs and maintenance are completed in the safest and most practicable way. We also offer a call-out service. Rather than risk costly damage to your stock and potentially the safety of your staff, give us a call today to book an inspection and ensure your pallet racking systems are safe now and into the future.

Why Do You Need Pallet Racking Maintenance?

Neglected pallet racking can cause a lot of damage. For starters, if your racks fail, they can hinder your operation for days and cause significant losses to revenue in the process. If you, yourself, own or manage a warehousing business, you would be fully aware of the fact that even a small number of days downtime can be catastrophic. To help you combat this, our team is prepared to perform scheduled maintenance anywhere around Brisbane and South-East Queensland for your warehouses, including additional installations of shelving, storage and racking where needed.

Why Choose Elbowroom for Pallet Rack Repair?

Our online reviews speak for themselves. If you are after experts for pallet racking repairs in Brisbane, then we are the team you can trust. Elbowroom has a team of licensed professionals on hand, ready to inspect, assess, report and repair your pallet racking. Our service team has an impressive fleet of vehicles and personnel to handle any pallet racking problem. Contact us today to schedule a pallet racking maintenance check-up. Our team will visit you as soon as possible.

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