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Cantilever Racking System

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a type of storage system used in warehouses, garages and other places where convenient storage of goods is necessary. It consists of vertical supports, horizontal beams and arms that support the items you want to store. Cantilever arms can be decked with mesh deck or solid steel or timber decking. It’s suitable for furniture storage, bulky, long or other oddly shaped products that would not fit in conventional shelving or other storage systems

Our cantilever racking systems are designed to be adjustable to accommodate the items you need to store. This makes it an ideal choice for storing goods of different shapes and sizes. Cantilever racking is also an excellent option for storing heavy items such as timber, plasterboard, steel piping, and more that require extra support. With adjustable arms and sturdy construction, cantilever racking is an excellent choice for convenient item storage.

Elbowroom — your trusted provider and installer of cantilever racking

If you’re searching for professional cantilever racking installation or to relocate or service your racking system, Elbowroom is here to help with durable, safe shelving solutions in Brisbane and across Australia. We offer quality rack inspections by our team of qualified pallet rack inspectors and auditors to ensure your cantilever racking meets Workplace Health & Safety requirements.

We’re the largest, most reliable cantilever racking and pallet racking installation team in Australia. By choosing Elbowroom, you can rest assured that our Contract Works Insurance covers all our tools and equipment while on your site. Our team is trained to perform installations safely and efficiently to assemble your racking to the highest industry standards.

Contact us for a free consultation on the best way to store your product using cantilever racking.

System designed to Genuine Australian Standard and FEM compliance

Details vary according to product application

Our cantilever racking system is suitable for the following:

  • Sheeting: Steel, Plywood, MDF, etc.
  • Long products: light poles, pre-fab uprights, posts, etc.
  • Raw extrusions: pipes, steel sections, conduit, etc.
  • Uglies: Decked for large furniture, pre-fab exhausts, etc.

Please note that cantilever racking is not suitable for pallet storage. We have a range of pallet racking options for you to consider for pallet storage, from pallet racking that allows 100% selectivity of pallets stored to narrow aisle racking for high-density storage. If you have questions about which pallet racking is right for you, our team is more than happy to assist.

Maximise Your Space with Expert Cantilever Racking Solutions

Transform Your Storage with Elbowroom’s Cantilever Racking

Your New Favourite Racking System

In the maze of warehouse logistics, space is the ultimate commodity. Elbowroom brings relief to the crowded warehouse floors of Australia. Trust the state-of-the-art cantilever racking systems to get the job done.

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The Benefits of Cantilever Racking

  • Cantilever racking is efficient and versatile 
  • Engineered to increase storage capacity and reduce handling times
  • Delivers a boost to operation productivity
  • Features adjustable arms and sturdy base for added flexibility
  • Cantilever racks effortlessly adapt to evolving inventory, ensuring seamless scalability
  • Trust in a solution that enhances storage and fortifies the bottom line

How it Works

Select. Install. Store. It’s that simple.

Our process begins with a consultation to tailor the cantilever rack to your space. Installation is conducted by our qualified team, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. Then, you’re ready to store anything from timber to tubing with absolute ease.

Our Guarantee

Every cantilever racking system from Elbowroom comes with a promise: optimal storage, guaranteed. We offer rigorous Australian standard compliance and a dedicated after-sales support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cantilever Racks Be Customised to Fit My Specific Storage Requirements?

Yes. We specialise in customising cantilever racking systems to meet your unique needs.

Are Cantilever Racks Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Yes, our cantilever racks are designed with durability in mind. It can be manufactured for both indoor and outdoor environments.

What is the Weight Capacity of Your Cantilever Racks?

We are able to offer a range of cantilever racks designed to hold various weight capacities. Contact us for a consultation on the best fit for your storage demands.

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