Delicate Equipment Gets Royal Treatment

At a large facility in Banyo, Ergon Energy conducts electrical testing on various components and systems which form part of our electrical network in Queensland. The testing facility is equipped with precision equipment and meters for quantifying the capacity of existing and newly designed devices. Both Universities and Private Companies interact with Ergon Energy to conduct equipment trials and to learn more about how their products will respond under realistic and extreme loads.

The Challenge

Looking for a supplier to review their storage practices and offer suggestions for improvement in regards to tool and testing equipment storage. Expensive equipment needed to locked away and kept free of contaminents (dust etc). Large testing cables which were required to be stored without rolling them up, off the ground (safety no trips) easily accessible. Safety and WH&S was large concern for Ergon. Originally out to tender, Elbowroom won contract for the Stortite unit and the other requirements were quickly serviced. Smooth rolling storage system to ensure equipment was not abused. Varying shelf depths and building particulars accommodated into the design.

Innovation Delivers Success

Work zones (benches with integrated storage cabinets and draws under – mobile and lockable with integrated lighting) and a custom design for storing long electrical cords (cantilever – 1200mm high sipag). Dust proofed the storage area. Equipment stored was worth .25 million – locked in mobile storage unit designed by Elbowroom. Mechanical unit with infill floor.

Benches were accessorised with louvre panel etc
Over a period of 3 months, Elbowroom refined the supply offering. Interacted with those using the equipment, Paul (Workshop manager drove the project) meeting with his bosses etc. Subordinates as well.

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