REA Gastronorm Trolley – 10 Tier – 1600mm H x 675mm W x 660mm D

$1,250.00 $780.00

This REA Food Safe Trolley is perfect for bakers or any food handling/preparation application, made to take Gastronorm Trays (Trays not included) this trolley has 10 levels so you can organise your meal times and mobilise your inventory. Trolley comes with 2 Braked and 2 non Braked castors.

Removable shelf grilles allow for easy cleaning, can be removed and placed in dishwasher for thorough cleaning or just hosed down. Ideal for industrial kitchens, Hotels Restaurants and Catering facilities. ventilation holes in the grilles increase air circulation. Grilles come in 2 sizes for optimum flexibility. Bins with different heights can be stored in a single trolley. Load bearing capacity is 120kgs per lineal metre.

Smooth, splinter free and rounded shelves prevent damage to products and packaging. The plastic material can be easily cleaned, is extremely hygienic and conforms fully with HACCP Guidelines.


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Technical Details

The REA Plastic Shelving is a premium product at a great price, Made specially for cool room and freezer applications and has many unique features, the main features are:

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Meets HACCP standards
  3. Strong – weight capacity of 120kg per lineal metre
  4. Resistant to temperatures from -40°C  – +80°C
  5. Can be dismantled, relocated and removed for cleaning with minimum restrictions.
  6. All high-impact plastic construction will not rust or corrode – resistant to salts and food acids.
  7. Base of legs are fitted with Braked and Non-Braked castors.

Suitable for

Ideal for industrial kitchens, Hotels Restaurants and Catering facilities.