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    What should you know about the plastic used in storage containers?

    Relative to the storage containers and products that we endorse and supply, there are some important things we look for. Same as you, we do look at price competitiveness - However, price will not compromise our focus of selection based on safety; quality; and value for money. When it comes to our choice of “plastic” products, there are a few specifics we look for and we would like to share these with you.

    UV Stabilizers

    UV stabilizers are an additive to the plastic manufacturing process and are an additive of choice by some manufacturers. This additive extends the life of many types of plastic products such as storage containers, maintaining the products original integrity in terms of strength, finish and colour. Where UV stabilizers are either not included or are added in minimal (inadequate) quantities, plastic is adversely effected by sunlight and fluorescent light. When exposed, the plastic will immediately begin to deteriorate and before long start showing signs of oxidisation; bleaching of colour; and losses in strength integrity. You can see this in the cheap plastic toys laying around a back yard or the chalky lid on the council bin which was supplied by the lowest tenderer.

    Here is a pdf product brochure by PolyOne that can be downloaded for more information:  UV Stabilizer Additives

    Elbowroom actively researches the inclusion of UV stabilizers in the plastic products that we endorse and supply.


    Close to 8% of the world’s production of oil and gas is used in manufacturing plastics. Around half of this is used in terms of plastic content and the remainder in terms of energy used. As this resource is non-renewable and as most plastics are used in the manufacture of disposable products which end up in refuse tips, the world’s current use of non-recycled plastics is not sustainable.

    Elbowroom’s range of plastic products includes only recyclable and/or recycled plastic products

    Non-conforming plastic products

    Some plastic products give off (leach) strong odours (gas) that can have an adverse effect on the health of those who are exposed during long intervals. There are also some chemicals used in colouring such as Azo dyes which can also cause health issues from prolonged contact. Although it is highly unlikely our products will be worn by mothers or mouthed by small children, Elbowroom remains vigilant in our efforts to keep any unsafe or undesirable materials away from our workplace and community environments.


    We at Elbowroom remain responsible for the products we endorse and supply. We are happy to do this because we understand and adhere to product safety and integrity obligations. You can check out who else is obligated to be taking responsibility…

    The Australian Completion and Consumer Commission (ACCC) provides information about product safety and the obligations of product manufacturers. ACCC -

    Product Liability

    Importers Compliance Procedures

    For professional advice on choosing the right storage containers for your home or business, contact the team at Elbowroom today.