Shelving Solutions

Shelving Solutions

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Warehouse Shelving Solutions

Do you need some extra ‘elbowroom’ in your work area? Organise your products and product flow by shelving it! We are Australia’s experts when it comes to warehouse shelving solutions and storage products. We have experience in every stage of the process including initial consultations, design, engineering checks, installations, and ongoing maintenance.

Each day, the team at Elbowroom designs and coordinates comprehensive shelving solutions for clients, ranging from consumers, businesses to large warehouse chains and factories. The flexibility of our systems ensures that they are able to expand when your business expands.

Tailored Shelving Solutions for Your Business

No matter what product you need to store, Elbowroom has the solution. You can choose from a variety of shelving solutions including (but far from limited to):

  • Binning style shelving - one of the most common hand loaded/unloaded, manual shelving solutions in Australia, binning style shelving is suitable for the storage of a whole multitude of items, such as archives, stationery, small parts, apparel and more
  • Longspan shelving - an all-purpose storage solution, longspan shelving is ideal for storing small, large, wide or unusually shaped items. From furniture to groceries, tools to tyres, you name it, it can be stored on longspan shelves
  • Cool room shelving - both in metal and in long-lasting robust plastic that does not corrode. Cool room shelving is ideal for the hygienic storage of food. Very easy to clean and equipped with a high load capacity
  • Slotted Angle - for all those odd product shapes and sizes. No special tools required. Quickly and easily construct highly durable and 100% reusable bespoke framing systems using mere nuts and bolts
  • Mobile shelving solutions - to condense your storage. Choose from our range of hand operated, mechanically assisted and electrically operated solutions
  • Carton live storage - where your product comes to you. Carton Live Storage (CLS) involves stock rotation through a live roller, improving item picking productivity and staff efficiency
  • High-rise and multi-tiered shelving - making use of available height. Generally serviced by stock pickers, this form of shelving is perfect for lower throughput stock and provides enormous storage capacity with minimal a footprint

If you aren’t quite sure what you need or what will work in your space, don’t worry. Our experienced staff can help you work out the best shelving option for your business, taking purpose and budget into account.

The Safe Solution

For a complete service that treats safety as a priority, you cannot go past our team. With years of experience under our belts, we are supported by extensive industry-relevant qualifications, established and tested procedures, and high-quality, certified equipment. You can rest assured that when you work with Elbowroom for your next large or small-scale shelving job, you are relying on the best team in Australia.

Contact The Team at Elbowroom

Our thorough approach does not end when the installation is done – we can be by your side for any ongoing maintenance, repair or safety auditing jobs.

When it comes to warehouse shelving, there is only one name you need to know: Elbowroom. So why wait? Contact us now and we will help you select the right shelving for your product and operations.