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The Advantages Of Selective Pallet Racking

By June 8, 2021No Comments

Simple, effective and suitable for most warehouses

Selective pallet racks are one of the most common types of pallet racking, and for good reason. Selective pallet racking gives you unobstructed access to every pallet in your warehouse at the same time, and can be serviced by almost every type of forklift including counterbalance and reach trucks. If you are looking at warehouse storage, consider the advantages and disadvantages of selective pallet racking as it may be the best choice for you.

Selective pallet racking allows you to access anything, anytime

With selective pallet racking, you can access every pallet in your warehouse without having to move other items aside. This is excellent if the warehouse stocks a large number of items in low numbers. However, each rack is limited to a depth of only one pallet.

Cost efficient warehouse racking

When looking at selective pallet racking, advantages include being low cost. This is a very affordable storage solution as it requires minimal labour to install, and the pallet racking materials are comparatively cheap.

Multiple trucks at the same time

A selective pallet rack set-up has enough space to allow multiple forklifts to be operated simultaneously in the same aisle. This gives selective pallet racking advantages over more densely packed solutions like narrow-aisle racking.

If you’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages of selective pallet racking for the needs of your warehouse and think it is the right choice, you’ll need someone to install it. Elbowroom can help; we have been installing selective pallet racks in Australia since 1973 and would love to hear from you.

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