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COLBY – Australian Made Storage Solutions

By September 8, 2014No Comments

Who is COLBY?

WE ARE COLBY!  That is to say, COLBY is not a who – it is a leading brand that produces Australian made Pallet Racking and storage system products that are designed, engineered and manufactured in Belrose, NSW by Dematic Pty Ltd.

The COLBY range of pallet racking products is marketed, compiled through a stringent design and engineering process, supplied, installed, and maintained by an exclusive group of COLBY distributors within Australia.  That group of COLBY distributors which includes Elbowroom, operate independently of each other, and independently of the manufacturer (Dematic).  Each of the COLBY distributors is expected by Dematic to operate within Dematic’s strict guidelines in relation to the design, application and installation of COLBY products, as well as general ethical behaviour in business.

Regardless of your location or your history with COLBY products and COLBY distributors, feel free to contact any COLBY distributor for assistance with your COLBY product enquiry.  You can find contact details on the website (click on the below link or cut and paste the below path to your web browser)…


More about COLBY – the product

ColbyRack is the Biggest, Strongest and Safest, Australian “manufactured” pallet racking product available.  That statement can’t honestly be made in relation to any other rack brand sold in Australia today.

The Colby brand is licensed to and supported by Elbowroom in part because of the above fact.  ColbyRack is also supported by Elbowroom because Colby truly is an “Australian Manufactured” brand, supported by a great team at the Belrose NSW factory.  The Australian made Colby product is competitively priced and offers the best value-for-money and life-cycle value to our customers.

Contact our office for a free consultation on your storage system or to inspect and review your existing system for safety and compliance. For the ultimate in Australian made pallet racking storage solutions, choose COLBY.

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